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Invoice Number 5043
Invoice Date April 24, 2017
Due Date April 27, 2017
Total Due $187.64
Dwayne Rutherford

Lashburn CO2 Injection Project

CC 80028678 Account Code 6050024

Approver Rod Simons-2Z-0764020

The Location of the plant in the top of this picture is Pikes Peak 1-12-49-24W3  Pilot and CO2 Capture facility with Pikes Peak South Thermal facility in the bottom half. If you are able to get the Lashburn CO2 injection facility at 12-01-49-24 W3 in the background by bringing the view up a bit that would be good but if you think it sacrifices the view of Pikes Peak South and the smaller plant in the middle we could just stick with the  view as below. You may also end up getting the 02-02-49-24 Battery in the background if you bring the view up.  I’m not interested in having it in the picture but if aligns that way that would be fine too.  Maybe two or three different views would be best and we can let them pick whichever they preferred.  If you want to contact the 12-01-49-24 Injection Facility  

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Aerial Flight (3 Locations)
1 (34) Digital Photos
82 Travel (per km) $0.350.00%$28.70
Sub Total $178.70
GST $8.94
Total Due $187.64

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